Why choose Sage when there are other options?

So many people who are suffering with anxiety-related disorders have tried a variety of treatments only to find themselves frustrated and desperate for effective treatment.  

Sage offers something different.

Sage's Founder, Robin Kirk, worked in a setting that utilized desensitization exposure therapy and saw firsthand the difficulties it posed for people.  It's tough to be told to "sit with" your anxiety until it goes away, particularly if your not instructed on how to experience your anxiety differently.  Often people have been in therapy in which they're told to dispute the troubling thoughts by thinking of how likely something is to happen, thinking about how many times they've been in a similar situation and nothing bad has happened, or they are asked to distract themselves from the thoughts.  But, isn't that what you do in your head most of the time?  Try as hard as you possibly can to talk yourself out of it?  Many people find that it just doesn't help and are ready to try something different.  

Our unique program teaches a process to be used whenever one experiences anxiety or, for that matter, any emotion one has the urge to avoid.  Current research indicates it's unecessary to tediously move up a hierarchy (list of anxiety triggers, starting with the least anxiety producing and moving up the ladder to the most anxiety producing) waiting for desensitization (waiting it out until the trigger no longer evokes anxiety).  If you've tried this type of treatment, you probably understand why it has such a high early dropout rate.  Our treatment team stays current on the latest research and incorporates the latest findings on Inhibitory Learning to enhance the treatment of OCD. 




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